Methodica Message Feeder (MMF)

...centrally operated, comfortable online editing of your feeds

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  • Publishing news feeds
    Formats: RSS, ATOM, HTML
  • Administration


  • Send feeds to con­su­mers
    (feed readers and browsers),
  • Edit feeds and mes­sa­ges,
  • Import mes­sa­ges from e-mail,
  • Administrator tools and utilities.


Imple­men­ted using Web-2.0 tech­no­lo­gy, cen­tra­li­sed da­ta sto­rage. Thus:

  • no need for de­di­ca­ted cli­ent
    Standard brow­sers, like Inter­net Ex­plo­rer, Fire­fox, Chro­me, etc., or RSS / ATOM rea­ders, are suf­fi­cient,
  • use anywhere
    use from wherever you can ac­cess the Inter­net / Intra­net,
  • use concurrently
    many users may con­su­me and edit the cen­tral­ly sto­red feed da­ta con­cur­rent­ly.


Read documentUser guide

Read documentAdminstrator guide

Try it

From the demo server

As an editor / author

As an administrator

On your own servers

You might wish to test the ap­pli­ca­tion in your own en­vi­ron­ment. To do so down­load the appro­pri­ate ar­chi­ve file (see be­low), and in­stall the pro­duct on a ser­ver of your choi­ce. We would be hap­py to cre­ate an eva­lu­ation li­cen­se for you.


MMFeeder runs on a couple of ope­ra­ting sys­tems. Pre-requi­si­tes are: a web ser­ver (e.g. IIS, Apa­che), PHP (4.0+), and My­SQL.

Download the ar­chi­ve file that fits best:

mmfeed_1_4_0.7z  (3.8 MB)

mmfeed_1_4_0.rar  (4.2 MB)

mmfeed_1_4_0.tar  (6.0 MB)

mmfeed_1_4_0.tar.gz  (4.1 MB)  (4.2 MB)

What you additionally need:

Get a loader moduleLoader module

Request a test licenseTest license